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I know what you’re thinking. You’re all like: “Seriously? You’re writing an article about telling me that I should spend money on your stuff?” YES! But hear me out. I’ll make it worth your while.

Numero uno: Kids are expensive!
I know you already know this. I mean, the hospital delivery bill alone should have been your number one indicator. Shit, the amount of stuff in your house that you HAD to have for the new baby before it was even here is insane. And the baby world is always coming out with the next best thing that we can’t live without that’s almost never under $100. A wipie warmer?! Yes please! LOL…come on, my butt was wiped with fridge degree wipes and wrapped in a cloth diaper attached together with big blue safety pins, and there were no diaper genies in sight to cover those smells. And I turned out fine….ish.

So let’s talk about the normal pricing for smocks. They’re not too far behind that $100 mark sometimes….for a wee piece of clothing! All be it…a CUTE, ADORABLE wee piece of clothing. But, if that cute, adorable wee piece of clothing was less than $30, wouldn’t you take the $20-$50 savings elsewhere for yourself? Or, or…you could get a quarterly subscription for $79 (literally the price of one smock in some boutiques) and get THREE smocks. But wait, there’s more. They get delivered to your door and you have no driving, no shopping, no standing in line. But wait, there’s more. You have them for ALL THE HOLIDAYS AND SEASONAL THINGS! You like football, we got you. You like duck hunting? WE GOT YOU! Yes, I’m using caps a lot because it’s a BIG DEAL.

Numero dos: A store may not have your size!
How awful is it to find the perfect outfit at a kids’ boutique, fall in love with it, and then swish through the hangers and realize they don’t even have your kids’ size? So you take one to the counter and ask if they have it in your kid’s size and if they have anymore in the back, and the answers are no aaaand no. Ugh. RUDE. You literally have a zero percent chance of that happening with your Smocked Sack quarterly subscriptions. Our system automatically updates your sizes as your kiddo grows. And if they’re a little smaller or you have a Buddha chonk that loves that milk (they’re my favorite), you can just shoot a quick email, and we’ll update it from our end, no problem. Man….we sure did think of everything.

Numero tres: Happiness delivered!
We kind of went over this in numero uno, BUT I feel it needs its own stand alone explanation. It’s a surprise package! You sign up for auto renewal, and we take care of the rest! You expect your order online packages, right? They email you updates step-by-step, and you can follow it. But three months will go by, and you’ll forget you are getting the Sack! And then BLAMMO! There’s this cute little sack with our green logo sitting and just waiting for your arrival home. And you don’t even know what the smocks will look like! It’s legit a bag of happy surprises! So you can bring it in, uncork some wine, and have a great time finding out what kind of smocks your kiddos just got when its their time to shine!

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